“Go Where You Want to Go,

Do What You Want to Do!”

Have you ever wished to go somewhere foreign and exotic, or back to somewhere beloved to you from your past?  Do you want to do something adventurous that you’ve never tried before?  This programme empowers people to fulfill these dreams, virtually!  Here’s how it works:

Martha asks each participant, “What’s your Dream Scene?  What would you do if you could do anything and where would you do it?”   She and the participant search “Google Images” on her iPad for an interesting, copyright-free, background image for the photo.
The participant poses on a green screen with any props or accessories and Martha takes a few photos.  The participant chooses which one to use.
Using an app on the iPad, Martha merges the 2 images.  The participant manipulates the image to choose exactly where in the scene to appear and his/her size.  The participant requests any “add-ons” she/he might want in the picture:  creatures, objects, accessories, and Martha strives to locate these on the web and green-screen them in.

What Martha Davis Provides to the Residence:

  • Portable photo studio (lights, green screen and iPad)
  • Promotional poster customized to the residence
  • Time spent collaborating with each participant
  • Two or three sessions of 2½ hours each (recommended)
  • Calendars can be created (using up to 48 photos/participants)
  • 5” x 7” prints can be provided or purchased
  • Photo collages can be created (up to 24″ x 36″)

What the Residence Provides:

  • Posting of promotional posters before the first session to advertise the programme
  • A space at least 12′ x 15′ with access to WiFi and electrical outlets
  • One programme staff member to assist participants and aid in administration during sessions
  • Posting of finished photos on digital screen(s) or bulletin board after each session to promote ongoing participation and stimulate dialogue
  • Delivery of prints, collages and/or calendars to participants when programme is complete