Benefits, Fees and References

Benefits to Seniors

The “DREAM SCENES” programme goes way beyond simple entertainment value.

  • Participants collaborate in the process, producing a feeling of ownership.
  • Memories are stimulated in residents who may be living with dementia.
  • Social isolation is reduced when residents get to know each other through the photographs (when shared via the digital screen, collage or calendar).
  • Social isolation is reduced further when participants share wishes and dreams, sparking interest and excitement, leading to bonding and friendship.
  • Participants have a unique photo of themselves doing something different in a new and interesting place, or a place beloved to them from their past.
  • Participants have the opportunity to learn about a new (to them) technology.  Green screen has just the right amount of tech, unlike Photoshop, which is overwhelming.
  • Owning a calendar means the memories can be referred to and enjoyed repeatedly, all year round.
  • Calendars contain interesting facts, special days and trivia geared to seniors.
  • Their special, individual photo can be shared with family and loved ones!


For Long Term Care Homes, the arrangement is usually that each participant receives two free prints, one to keep and one to share.   In this case, Martha’s fee is generally about $90 per hour plus travel time.  If residents are able to purchase their own prints, the charge to the home is generally about $60 per hour plus travel time.  Prints are charged at $8 for the first 5″x7″ and less for multiples.  Calendars are $25 each, again with discounts for bulk quantity.  Collages vary in price, from $25 to $100 depending on the size.  Other options are possible and can be mutually arranged.


Artemis Papadakis, Teacher, Palmerston P.S., Toronto

Katie Kwaczek, Former Director (Seniors’ Programme)                                                                                   Oasis/Dufferin Community Centre, Toronto.